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Can you find the perfect man, or do you have to take matters into your own hands to create the man of your dreams? Don’t miss How to Manifest a Man, a brand-new drama series with a twisted narrative, psychological depth, and a talented cast.

This story revolves around Dudu (Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa), who is in an unhappy marriage, and she decides to take fate into her own hands after her husband, Simphiwe (played by Mnqobi Kunene), suffers memory loss.

As Dudu’s one crime of passion unfolds, a web of complications emerges, including a determined detective, a relentless lover, and a blackmailing witness. And just when things couldn’t get any worse, Dudu’s own brother Sam Jnr Ngonyama (played by Lebo Msiza) plots to protect her from her own obsession.

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Imagine inheriting all the wealth in the world, having power and influence in the palm of your hands, only to have it all stripped away from you by your own family. This story tells a tale of what how it means to be “hood rich” following the lives of the Radebe family witnessing the rise and fall of a family empire based in the surrounds of Diepkloof Extension, Pimville and Orlando, Soweto.

Story Editor

DSTV Gomora

Gomora is a story about inequality. It’s about the rich and the poor and how fine the line between the two can be. It follows the lives of two families and how their worlds collide.


Storyliner & Scriptwriter


Mbali is a beautiful township girl with boundless ambition who gets caught on the wrong side of the law. uMbali, now streaming on eVOD.



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SAFTA (South Africa Film & Television Awards) nominated for Best Comedy SCRIPT

Ou Toppies is a South African, Afrikaans-language sitcom set in a retirement home and revolving around four retired men from different backgrounds who find themselves living under the same roof, something they’d never do voluntarily.

That’s what retirement is all about: accepting the inevitable and each other and finding the fun factor in ageing.

Storyliner & Scriptwriter


The show revolves around a group of women who are struggling to attain financial security and so they turn to sex work. An older woman sees an opportunity and converts her house into a brothel for the women to work in.




Storyliner & Scriptwriter


After circumstances push them to stay together in an old age home, elderly people from different backgrounds have to contend with the uncomfortable situation they find themselves in and try to find happiness & joy in the little relationships they share.